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Light Up Your Creativity

Our mission is to develop lighting tools that enable photographers and videographers to turn their ideas into stunning imagery. Our lighting fixtures enable creative minds to work with light and shadows to create what they imagine. With our range of specialized fixtures and light shapers we want to provide you with high quality tools that let you forget about technology and focus purely on creativity to make you work faster, better and smarter.



Flicker Free



Energy efficient

AC or Battery

Long Lifetime

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The ASTORA Question:

The Complete Solution for Photography and Film

What you see is what you get
You can easily judge lighting and shadows on your subject and adjust it to perfection without the need for test shots. See your lighting exactly as you get it in the final result.
Learn the art of lighting, not a single tool
To light well with a flash needs a lot of technical knowledge and experience. With continuous lighting you still need to learn the art of lighting, but you can concentrate on creativity instead of spending too much time on technology.
Zero recycle time
With continues lighting you are freed from the restrictions of the recycle time of flash and you will never miss any moment again.
By itself flash light is very harsh as it’s a small point light source. For a majority of applications soft light is preferable and our soft panels provide a much bigger lighting surface to achieve smooth transitions.
Flash can still provide more brightness than continuous light, but in many instances you don’t need that level of brightness anymore. With technological advances in LED lighting, the brightness gap between continuous and flash light has become less and less and the astonishing high-level ISO capabilities of todays cameras mean, you can achieve the same aperture settings and shutter speeds with much less light than before.
No distraction, take images without irritation
Continuous lighting is not perceived as distracting as a flash burst, which makes continuous lighting a preference in many sensitive situations.
Combine photography and videography
The possibility to shoot moving images in combination with photography opens up a wide range of new opportunities. With high quality, flicker free and high brightness LED light neither high frame rates nor high shutter speeds are a problem so that you can shoot both professional stills and videos.
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